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Mama’s Italian Restaurant - Gluten Free!!

So a friend of mine recommended Mama’s Italian Restaurant on Long Island in Oakdale because it has a complete gluten free menu! And boy let me tell you how amazing this place is! To anyone living on long island and eating gluten free - this is the place to go!

They have almost any Italian dish available gluten free! When the owner found out I was there for their gluten free dining options, he came over to me and explained how there is a whole separate area in the kitchen for preparing the gluten free food - separate pots, deep fryer, etc. This guy knows his stuff! And may I mention the food is AMAZING!!!

I knew this place was good when the waiter came out with my own piece of gluten free bread in the beginning of the meal because I could not eat the traditional “bread basket.” My husband even thought the food was amazing! So if you live on Long Island- you’re in luck!

Here’s the link to their gluten free menu!

and did i mention that have GF sicilian pizza!!! :D And they cater gluten free!