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Creamy Potato Soup! (gluten free)

I know I haven’t posted a recipe in awhile - it’s been kinda crazy! But now that I’m eating gluten free, and am home with a cold - I have time to post some good stuff! Enjoy :)



·         6 Yukon gold potatoes (peeled and cubed)

·         1 medium sweet onion (diced)

·         2 teaspoons chopped garlic

·         1 - 16oz. container of chicken broth (Natural Goodness Swanson)

·         1 tablespoon sea salt

·         1 teaspoon pepper

·         Dash of parsley, oregano, and basil

·         1 cup sour cream (Daisy’s)

 water as needed


1)      Place onion, garlic, and potatoes in large stock pot. Pour enough chicken broth to just cover potatoes. If you need additional liquid add water as needed.

2)      Boil potatoes, onion, and garlic on high for 35 minutes or until potatoes start to break apart.

3)      Reduce heat to low, blend with an immersion blender (either leaving soup slightly lumpy, or pureeing entire thing).

4)      Add salt, pepper, parsley and oregano.

5)      Add 1 cup of sour cream and stir well.

6)      Allow to simmer 15 minutes.

7)      Serve hot with grated cheddar cheese on top! YUM!!

*Using the above ingredients makes this recipe completely gluten free!!

**Don’t be afraid to add things to spice this up - bacon, veggies, anything you want!!

My pregnant belly says YUM!!

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Crochet Score!

So I found a really cool book of crochet patterns for the modern crocheter:

In the introduction the author says, “the book, with its edgy designs, is suited to a new generation of crafters; plus, as fits this blogging age, it does not merely present pattern after pattern, but offers a gallery of images and personal introductions exploring the nature of creativity and fashion.”

Here are some photos from the book:


For the patterns you’ll just have to buy it!! Definitely a great book to add to any crocheter’s bookshelf.

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Some Ramblings

"Illness. It changes you. It changes you inside and out. That’s why marriage vows say: In sickness or in health."

I just wanted to reflect on this quote.

Not only does illness change you, but it changes the people around you. You just have to hope it changes you for the better…and you can’t control how it changes others. I try to remember that each and every day.

Ironically, my marriage vows did not actually contain those words - but my husband always reminds me that they were implied. 

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Mama’s Italian Restaurant - Gluten Free!!

So a friend of mine recommended Mama’s Italian Restaurant on Long Island in Oakdale because it has a complete gluten free menu! And boy let me tell you how amazing this place is! To anyone living on long island and eating gluten free - this is the place to go!

They have almost any Italian dish available gluten free! When the owner found out I was there for their gluten free dining options, he came over to me and explained how there is a whole separate area in the kitchen for preparing the gluten free food - separate pots, deep fryer, etc. This guy knows his stuff! And may I mention the food is AMAZING!!!

I knew this place was good when the waiter came out with my own piece of gluten free bread in the beginning of the meal because I could not eat the traditional “bread basket.” My husband even thought the food was amazing! So if you live on Long Island- you’re in luck!

Here’s the link to their gluten free menu! 


and did i mention that have GF sicilian pizza!!! :D And they cater gluten free!